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Fed-Up Manifesto

We are building a spiritual movement unlike other movements. We are Fed-Up with the follow the leader, pay for a plan, self-help knowledge drop, or step-by-step spiritual guide. It is a reminder that inside us all, we already have the answer and the power to be our whole selves. It is a challenge to realize/accept our problems, awaken to a better possibility, and become the change we need to see. 

Fed-UpRealize. Awaken. Become


We started with a podcast as a way to put ourselves out there—with our thoughts, beliefs, and our stories. We seek to lead with our weaknesses & insecurities and create a vulnerable & open discussion. The goal is to wholly give ourselves and stir the pot of Truth in the listener. We value a pure conversation and will never allow it to be tainted by Ads or any Agenda. Spiritual talk requires trust


What we wear says so much about ourselves—success, artistic expression, physical adoration, reflection of self, etc. Clothing speaks. So we will make products that speak a message of truth. To start, All sales will fund 5 different foundations which help w/ human suffering (you pick which 1). A material expression becomes a material blessing for those in need. You remember that each time you wear the item and it sends a healing message. 


Wearing the clothing is wearing a brand. This brand sends a message of: Realize. Awaken. Become. We realize our problems and take ownership. We awaken to our power to change ourselves and the world. We become the change. Fed-Up is a symbol of our power to change and bring love, joy, and peace into the world. One sees the logo and makes the connection. It is part of an already growing movement. 


Most movements involve tribalism—come into my group & follow the leader. This is the anti-movement. This is a reminder that we have the power within us. An encouragement to be bold enough to get quiet, be still, and find the space. Leaders are necessary in life, but never discount the journey to the leader within. You don’t need us or anyone else to connect. Remember, who you are (Mufasa’s Voice)

Fed-Up—Realize.  Awaken.  Become. 

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